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Ancestral Tablets


The “Xiu De Tang” (修德堂) Ancestral Hall is located in the second section of the Temple, directly behind the Main Shrine. It is a two storey building housing ancestral tablets in multi-tier sections. This building offers members of the Temple the facility to house the tablets in honour of their forebears and relatives. It is a traditional way for the living to perpetuate the memory of their beloved ancestors and relatives. It allows the descendents to continue the practice of showing filial piety in perpetuity. Ceremonies are conducted by the Temple during the Spring, Autumn and seventh moon festivities annually in which all members and their families are invited to participate together in worship.

Non members who are interested in knowing more about how to qualify for the placing of an ancestral tablet should not hesitate to contact us at Tel: (65) 62546768.

Cultivation and Righteous Moral

We must dispense medical aid to the needy sick, donate clothing and food to the poor and show care and concern to the victims of nature calamities. Such actions only evolve from a compassionate person.

The above factors are the underlying objectives that call for the establishment of the Seu Teck Sean Tong. Our main intention is to provide aid to the above and extend kindness to all. It is human nature to despise the poor and needy. Hence, it is difficult to perfect our goals.

We normally see ingratitude following kindness and it is difficult to define right and wrong. Kindness may be expressed outwardly, but inwardly the thoughts may be just the opposite. In order to perform such deeds, we need to have the righteous moral with us.

Only you will know the underlying sincerity of your actions as others can only base their judgment on your outward actions.

It is difficult to be a morally uprighteous person unless one cultivate self discipline.

• Showing disrespect to parents mean not filial.
• Not performing your duties means not being responsible.
• Not Keeping your words means being untrustworthy.
• Immoral conduct is improper.
• Being unrighteous is unethical.
• Corruption and greed are dishonesty.
• Being unrepentant is unremorseful.
• Inflicting injuries onto others is being inhuman.
• Inability to differentiate between right and wrong is being insensible.

From the above, you should realize the basis for performing good deeds. You should not judge others superficially. Fellow devotees should set exemplary conduct for future generations to emulate. There will be a glorious future if we continue to propagate good moral behaviour. You must not forget the basis for cultivating righteours moral.

Notes on Seu Teck Hall

These are "My" dedications for Seu Teck Hall – Be of noble character and enjoy high prestige, self-respect and respect from others. Together with our charitable endeavours, we will be blessed with abundant good fortune. The construction of the Hall was completed in the autumn of 1958. With its completion and enshrinement of ancestral tablets, the living descendants could congregate in spring and autumn to pray to their ancestors whom they might have forsaken when they were alive. In this way, we hope to be enlightened.

The establishment of the Hall is significant not only for us to pray and discharge filial piety to our ancestors, but also serves us in tracing our family roots. The maintenance and continuation of annual ancestral worship will bring about good blessings and happiness through the generations.

On the records of achievement in connection with the establishment and construction of the Hall, due acknowledgment must be given to the following devotees for their significant contributions;_

Tan Soo Kee - predestined pioneer
Yeo Yeong Teo - shrine assistant
Goh Eng Soon - honourable secretary
Sim Yeow Kia - financial donor
Tan Yew Chai - benevolent proxy-contributor
Koh Siak Kim - fore-runner of old temple
Chua Chok Heng - 1st chairman of old temple
Tan Teck Guan - benevolent contributor
Poon Kng Siang - organizer and revival contributor
Teo Soo Chuan - benefactor
Heng Song Ho - financial advisor
Chan Kee Koah - 1st chairman of new temple
Teo Hang Sam - officiated the opening of the Hall
Yeo Siew Phang - contributor of building reinforcement
Chua Bak Lim - contributor of building materials
Tan Yew Hng - assistant in the Hall management

The above Tenet was conveyed via chief Ji holder Chan Kee Koah and Assistant Ji Holder Yeo Siew Phang.

Year 1964



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