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Ji Wen


"Ji" (乩)

“Ji” (乩) sessions are held on the new moon and full moon days of every lunar month except for the seventh moon when it takes a break. “Ji” (乩) is the means by which our Patron Saint Song Da Feng transmits instructions and messages to his disciples and believers to enlighten them on any doubts or problems that they face in their lives. Believers are welcome to attend the “Ji” (乩) sessions and consult our Patron Saint on any problems or enquiries they wish to forward to his attention. This service is extended to all believers free of charge and anyone who wishes to confirm the time of consultation is requested to contact us at Tel: (65) 62546768.

Truth of a "Ji"

Ji is established as a basis for communication between man and the Divine. There are many matters that man do not understand that lead them and turn to the Divine for answers. It is through this channel of communication that the Divine deliver the Sacred Tenets, instructions, advices, explanations and guidance to the devotees.

Devotees must approach the Ji piously with faith, sincerity, purity of heart and have genuine reasons for consultation. This will in turn elicit detailed and precise response form the Ji.

The action of Ji is guided by the Divine force, which may communicate phrases or poems. The text, though abstruse at times are pleasing to the ears.

The accuracy and clarity of the Sacred Tenets transmitted from the Divine is affected by the character of the Ji holder.

The Ji holder must be a steady and composed person. He must have an honest desire, a character that is positive and refine and always be prepared to be of service to the Ji. His mind must be clear before the Ji session begins. Together, with the spiritual influence, he will then be able to compose answers fluently and with ease.

If the Ji holder is not serious, weak in character and confused in thoughts he will be subjected to the influence of the negative forces – devils and demons. The Sacred Tenet, so conveyed will lose its spiritual effects, become meaningless, and therefore, cannot be considered as coming from a true Ji.


Divine Calligraphy




Divine Calligraphy

1 May 2007
2008 年7 月3 日乩谕
2008 年1 月8 日乩谕
2008年2月10日乩谕 (CE)
2008 年4 月20 日乩谕




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